Index Matrix app, Investment Posters, and Investor Handouts

These creative interactive investing tools are very effective in communicating

long-term risk/return principles to advisory clients and prospects.


The posters are  24" x 36" and the investor handouts

are  11" x 17" (folds to 8.5" x 11").


We can also arrange for 48" x 48" Lightbox  versions on request.

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How To Order

Access to the Index Matrix app, investment posters, and investor

handouts will be available through an annual subscription.

Details coming soon!

About Us

Asset Class Investing (ACI) offers approved financial advisors powerful investment images and an interactive tool to help convey important investment principles relating to risk, return, and time to their clients and prospective clients.


Designed to communicate stock market and behavioral risk in more unique, simple, and powerful ways, our goal is to help you align client objectives with reasonable, long-term expectations.


 Our background is in Modern Portfolio Theory, the Third Restatement of the Prudent Investor Rule (1992), and the research of esteemed academics like Eugene Fama, Ken French, Daniel Kahneman, and others.


ACI was founded by Jeff Troutner, founder and chief investment officer of Equius Partners, Inc. (

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